Older Lady, Younger Man

By MCclain Forman

Younger women tend to be insane. This is unfortunate but true. Nevertheless men still pursue these creatures between the ages of 18 and 25 with brainless abandon. Now what this says about the men, well, I can most certainly conjecture…but this article is not about that. Rather, it is about the fact that, after many years of making the same mistake, I have seen the light and realized that dating an older woman can be a much more satisfying experience.

I discovered this the hard way, of course. Many were the night that I lay fetal on my kitchen floor, sobbing like a bitch, because some beautiful young thing had “a change of heart.” Later I was to learn that these monsters change hearts more often than they purchase shoes, an analogy that should convey the shocking frequency of these decisions. Much as the raccoon is distracted by a bright, shiny object, the young woman is mesmerized by a flashy car, an expensive watch, or a boldly placed piercing. I used to blame them for this, calling them shallow or superficial, but I no longer hold them accountable for such irrational behavior. I have seen the light: the very same light that blinds these poor young creatures.


They are unconscious of their power. For a pretty young woman wields an incredible force. They are not unlike a hamster with an atomic bomb. They possess a power that they are only beginning to realize. In my mind there is almost nothing that such a creature cannot have. They have triggered wars recounted in the pinnacle of classical literature and brought modern countries to their knees.  


All you P.Y.Ts don’t  realize that a man will do anything for you: kill, cry and give up all he has to give even if he is a king. It has happened before and will happen again, forever. It is happening now even as you read this. Somewhere, a young man is blinded by your presence and is prepared to forsake anything to make you his. And that is nice, you think, but hey…if you can get him, what about that other fellow you met at the State Dinner a few nights back? He was so nice to you…

And that is it. You can make powerful men do the “Nookie Dance” until the cows come home and it becomes boring after a while. So you move on to the next big thing, which is often the big thing who sat next to you at last week’s Polo match in West Palm Beach. 

And so this is and will always be. I cannot begin to image the good men that young women have let slip away because they were blinded by their own power. Yet as I said before I no longer blame them. For I have found the solution; the balm which mends the shattered soul. And that is an Older Woman.


An older woman has come to terms with herself and knows where she stands. She is no longer a tuft of scented fluff blowing in the wind, she is a flower taken root in the soil of herself. She is more than sex, though she is a fierce sexual creature. She is a companion and a soul mate…someone you want to be with all the time. She is someone you can depend on; she is someone who will not desert you when you need her the most. She listens to you to understand you better, not to try and catch some echo of herself in your words. A young woman looks into the mirror and sees nothing but the reflection. An older woman sees herself.

I dated a single mother who was totally devoted to her son, but when we found our moments alone together I discovered that she had the sweetest peach I have ever sunk my face into. She was so affectionate that I never wanted to let go of her, yet when she was riled up she became a whirling storm of limbs and soft musk that tossed me about like a cheap toy until I was shot out the other end, worn and exhausted yet happy in a way I never achieved with others. And then she was there to curl up against until we woke up together in the morning to start all over again. 


Physical appearance and sexiness are two different things. Appearance is nothing more than harmonious shapes that please whatever cultural standard are prevalent at the time. Sexiness transcends shape or form; it is more like an essence that infuses a woman much as fragrance tumbles from a blooming rose. A woman does not have to be “good looking” to be sexy. There are plenty of models out there that smack against your senses with the subtlety of a plank of particle board.   Give me an older woman anytime.  Because of  her I’ve found my confidence, joy, inner peace and importantly MYSELF. 


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