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Why Do Girls Cheat?

Many females cheat and for vastly different reasons, including validation, love and most certainly sex.  We pose the question to our readers:  Why do girls cheat?  Here’s what they have to say.

“Girls cheat for some of the same reasons men cheat. I think it is manily to be fufilled emotionally. When a relationship is just sexual I think women getbored.” - MAmag029

“Why do girls cheat?  From my experiences I've come to the conclusion that women just do what comes natural.  They have certain characteristics andinstincts that men cannot understand.  When it comes to children and people they automatically know what to do.  When it comes to getting us (men), they know what to do.  They have game, they have instincts.  They do what comes naturally. As much as they would like to deny it, cheating comes naturally to them.  Especially in this day and time, because it is glorified.  They like the idea of being "Players" and dogging men.  But I will give it to you

ladies, you do a better job of cheating than men do.  Why?  Because it comes natural.  Women have always had it easy when it comes to relationships and they can't deny that.  Men do all the work.  We work hard to try to please our women; coming out the pocket for them, working out for them, doing everything.  Women are not dumb.  They know the value of a good man.  That is why they find it more profitable to have a couple of them.” - Ajthompkins

“I cheated on someone because I didn’t have the heart to break up with him.  It was too much easier to seek that kind of excitement elsewhere, rather than break his heart.  Looking back, I made the wrong choice because i hurt him when he found out. I cheated because i was a coward.”  -  Aisha, 25  

“Because I can! I’m not ready to settle down, and you always have to be open for someone new and better to come into your life.  Always keep your ears and eyes open because you don’t know what is gonna be around the corner.  But I never give the boys any suspicion of anyone else because it’s cruel!” - Constance, 21

“I think girls cheat because their boyfriends/husbands are keeping them

feeling tied up and they need some more fun and want to feel like a rebel so

they is a natural feeling if u are uncomfortable with your relationship, some women just want to take a day off and play hooky.”- Krista, NJ

“Girls cheat for a variety of reasons.  This can range from the girl whose man has previously cheated on her with the fly girl who feels she can have any man at any time.  Furthermore, girls cheat from low self-esteem or lack of attention.  Then there are just some plain old female macks out there who feel they can play the game as well or better than the fellas can.  A girl may also cheat as a way of not getting her heart broken or being played by a man.  Sista's need to be better than this!!”  -  H. Cater

“For a sense of excitement.  When you are in a relationship for a long time, things get stale and you need some passion.  I guess.  I don’t know, I’ve never cheated on anyone before.  You should ask my ex-girlfriend, she cheated on me.”  - Jerry, 28

“I cheated because someone cheated on me.  It was for revenge.  It felt good to get even.  The thought of me with another man got my boy crazy and all sorts of awful things happened later with the relationship.  It was a mistake.  People cheat because they are stupid.”  -  Paula, 22

“Sometimes we cheat by accident.  Like if you had too much to drink.  You don’t mean to hurt the person but it happens.  There are loads of reason for people to cheat —-being miserable, pissed off at their guy, too many too write!  But if you’re gonna cheat you should be aware of the consequences, because there always is. -  Jasmine, 30

“Because they aren’t committed to the relationship.  Because they are insensitive, because they think they won’t get caught.  Because people like to get a little something extra for a few kicks.  Girls are just as horny as boys!” -  Patricia, 22

“There are lots of reasons.  You can cheat because you are unhappy , scared, angry or because you are afraid to end the relationship.  I only cheated once.  I felt horrible about it and never did it again.  I learned my lesson that the thrill  isn’t worth it.  I realized this because the boy i cheated on left me because of it.  It’s stupid and people should keep it real and not misuse anyones’ trust.”  -  Diane, 27

“Girls cheat because they are lonely, feel un appreciated and unloved.  Or because they are angry and want to hurt their lover.”  -  Cynthia, 27

“I’m 27, I’ve been having an affair for the pasty 2 years.  I cheat because I’m bored stiff in my marriage.  My husband was romantic when he courted me, but since we got married, the flowers stopped coming, there were no romantic dinners…and the sex…it just about died.  I have tried talking to him, but it does not seem to help.  The sex I have now with my lover is incredible!  He is spontaneous, romantic, and is great in bed.  How long this sex escapade will last?…I have no idea…the sex is too good to give up, and i’m having the time of my life.  Are they any ladies out there having an affair and finding it hard to stop? -  Juliet, 19

“I cheated on my husband because he would rather be out all evening doing god knows what with god know who night after night.  I am a vibrant, sexy, attractive, young woman who kept asking herself…”Why doesn’t my husband want to be with me?”  I needed mental as well as physical stimulation. Hung on to my vows for 5 years until i thought i was going out of my mind.  Had a real hot fling  with an extremely handsome, smart, passionate gentleman.  He whet my appetite (not to mention other things) big time, but he wanted to settle down and have kids.  No matter how many times I told him i was just getting out of a marriage, he would become more aggressive in his quest to tie me down.  Now don’t get me wrong, if the time zone was B4H (Before Husband), I probably would have been all for it.  However, in retrospect, if I had the chance to do it all  over again…I would cuddle up with a dirty mag and dust off the vibrator!!!! (Too much aggravation) - Sign me…2Much, 2Little, 2Late!!! Brooklyn, NY


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