Social Media Breast Cancer Campaign 2019


As we did last year in 2018, the entire month of October was dedicated to exposing critical facts about Breast Cancer and Black Women.  Teaming up with Dr. Lisa Whitty Bradley, M.D., FACS,  we provided crucial information from credible online sources, answered questions and cleared up some of the myths surrounding Breast Cancer across all Phenom Magazine's social media platforms.


The campaign also shed light on the troubling mortality statistics related to women of color and the disease.  In addition, such topics as mammograms testing, self examination, medical treatment, healthy diet and many other vital information about Breast Cancer were posted. We strongly believe that Awareness of our health and Breast Cancer should be a 365 days venture. Click links below for key facts on Breast Cancer.

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Dr. Lisa Whitty Bradley, M.D., FACS

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"The View" supports Breast Cancer Month

October 17, 2019

Great time spent with the super nice ladies of The View.  The ladies were warm and have such incredible empathy for survivors of the disease.


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Survivors Sends Out Messages Of Hope

Thanks to our brave survivors for participating in our campaign by sending out messages of motivation and encouragement to get mammograms for early detection.

Thanks To Our Kind Sponsors

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The natural hair product line graciously joined us to offer ladies the opportunity to not only look great, but feel fabulous and promote healthy tresses.

Grace Eleyae, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of the original Slap (satin-lined cap)  joined us to spread a little cheer among our brave warriors.  The popular and stylish Slap Caps...a favorite among celebrities...will come in handy, just in time for the upcoming Winter months.


Big gratitude to @Graceeleyae and @Curls for making our campaign extra special by donating wonderful gifts bags and products which were handed out to survivors who made the trip to "The View" live show. 

Even the hosts of "The View" received goodie bags too! The aim of the campaign was to empower Women of Color and promote #BreastCancerAwareness.  Implementing a giveaway was a fun way to  honor our brave survivors who in turn encouraged others to seek out mammograms for early detection.

...And Show-Off Their Gifts 

Breast Cancer Awareness should be everyday.  Keeping in that spirit please feel free to download cards below.  Use them as screensaver, send a message of hope to a survivor or a dedication to a love one.  Let them know they're in your hearts and thoughts 24/7.