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Phenom Magazine


Because of the ever-increasing presence of urban lifestyle: the fashion, the music, the news, the food, the epic availability of information and the way gals and guys live and love today. 

One of Phenom Magazine’s goal is to offer an eclectic array of topics to encourage women to eat well, exercise, and secure great mental and sexual health.   

Black Women and Breast Cancer

"Black Women are 40% More Likely to Die from Breast Cancer than White Women." - Susan G. Komen

Do women from diverse backgrounds "carry" the cancer cells differently?  Why is the likely mortality percentage number at 40% for Black Women?  These are questions we need to get answers for.  


For that sake, Phenom Magazine will forge collaborations during the month of October which is Breast Cancer Awareness month to lay out the facts on Black Women and Breast Cancer in a more comprehensive and simple format. Such topics include mammograms testing, self examination, medical treatment, healthy diet and many other vital information.

The other goal is to engage, motivate and inspire. Phenommagazine provides a platform to express ideas and point of views.  We are driven to encourage Phenoms to embrace roles of entrepreneuriship, activism, motivators, influencers and trendsetters.  In addition, Phenommagazine will share stimulating and educational information, stories and articles from other interactive platforms with our readers.

Phenoms are everywhere!  Living, loving and striving to attain their dreams and goals.  Having phenomenal abilities and power to overcome and bust through the ever present obstacles in their path to accomplish phenomenal things.  So look in the mirror and scream...I'M A PHENOM!

Unique + Sexy + Stylish + Fabulous + Ambitious + Smart

+ Strong + Fierce + Fearless = #APHENOMGIRL who blossoms into a #APHENOMWOMAN.   


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