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By Phenomgirl  /  February 21, 2018

Meet Crystal J. Hawthorne, LMT.

Crystal considers herself a born healer.  Clients trustingly hand over their bodies to Crystal to squeeze, rub, and tame hardened muscles caused by stress or other negative elements in their lives. 


Detailed, reliable, informed and dedicated, are some of the reasons why Crystal's clients keep coming back .


But her work doesn't stop there.  Crystal offers other services that's bound to improve your mind, body, soul and your gut.

"First and most importantly Crystal is the most astonishing, passionate, trusting, nurturing, heartwarming, person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Her approach to her craft is far beyond the ads and website. Anyone who has the privilege of being in her presence is truly blessed. Crystal is one of a kind and will extend her spirit and professionalism of being a masseuse deep into your soul. I travel a lonely world and having the fortune of her attention was and always will be a permanent memory in my life"......Client C.P.

Describe what you do?

I’m a licensed massage therapist. When people come to me for therapy, it’s to release the stress from either their bodies, which is muscular, which could also affect the joints, so we’re talking about releasing pain from muscle and joints. Whether it be from an injury or work related by sitting too long at a computer or standing too long on their feet. Massage also releases mental and emotional stress as well. The right kind of massage is very important.

What decision led you to become a massage therapist?

I always feel odd answering this question because it’s a strange story that not everyone would be able to understand without thinking “Is something wrong with her?” (LOL). I had already graduated with a Bachelors in Arts/Theatre.  Started a children’s theatre company but yet I kept hearing a voice that said ,“Try massage.”  Now, I knew nothing about massage so I found it very strange when this thought or voice kept saying “Try massage." I couldn’t ignore it any further so I did my research about massage and found a school in Manhattan. I made an appointment to see an adviser, he saw how scared and hesitant I was.  Then he said these simple words, “All you can do is try and if you don’t like it don’t continue."  Those words spoke to me.  I tried it and absolutely fell in love with it. So I’d like to say it was my calling.

Education to become a massage therapist?

It takes about 2 years depending on what school you go to. It took me 2 years and then you take a state board test. The courses are cumbersome. So much material coming at you in a short time. Things like neurology, myology, endocrine system etc… a bit hard but worth it.

What was the experience like for you when you provided service to your first client?

I don’t have a crazy story. I also don’t have a story about being nervous. I had worked on so many bodies at school that I felt ready. I was excited to start working.


What is the makeup of your clientele?

Surprisingly, it started out mostly males because of the type of jobs they did. Jobs like construction. So they sought out self-care. The ratio is pretty even now.

What are the benefits of your profession?

There are so many benefits to massage. Helps with diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, lowers high blood pressure, helps with migraines, herniated discs, sciatica, and releases toxins. The list is very long.

What are the common reasons your clients express why they seek your services?

I’m very detailed. If you come in with an issue I’m going to dedicate a great portion of the session making sure you walk out feeling pain free. I give 100% to everyone. Not just physically with working with my hands, but all of my energy and intentions are going into the sessions and my clients have actually told me that they sense that I go beyond massage.

What are the various types of massage treatments you provide?

I provide Swedish massage, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy and cupping. Each session has my own little spin to it.

Describe your Corporate Chair Massage services.

My chair massage service is for companies that treat their employees once a week, monthly or yearly to a massage. Or when a company throws an event and add a chair massage as a perk.

How did you come up with your  Aromatherapy/Fragrance treatment?

I decided to come out with a fragrance line because I make my own little fragrances for myself and people would compliment me. One day my friend decided to spray some of my fragrance on himself. He walked into a shop and took a long time to come back. When he did, he explained that everyone was complimenting on how great he smelled, that’s when I knew I had to sell this to people. From there I started making my own oils as well as fragrances.

Why do you feel it’s important to include a Nutrition Advice division in the services?

I was very sick. The doctors had no clue what was wrong with me, they ran so many tests. I decided to do my own intense research and trial/error diets. Once I found the right balance I felt much better! People would talk to me about their health and I’d offer advice. They would call me to tell me how much better they felt. I decided people need a push in the right direction, if something worked for me I shared the info with others.  This prompted me to start a nutrition service to help my clients  Not just give them a list of what to do but also motivation. It takes a lot of one on one time.


What  are the worst foods groups one should avoid?

Dairy and sugar are tied at number one for me as the worst food groups. Then there’s gluten and meat.


What are the best food groups one should consume?

Vegetables and fruit. You could get all your vitamins from these 2 groups. Along with natural supplements.

How is bad nutrition related to mental illness: Anxiety, self-worth issues, lack of confidence, nervousness and self-doubt?

All disease start in the gut.  Once your intestinal flora is compromised so is your immune system and that just affects everywhere. Causing hormonal imbalance, foggy brain, chemical imbalance, etc. With these imbalances it affects how you feel including depression, anxiety, mental illness etc.


You are a Massage Therapist, a Nutritional Advisor and Personal Development coach.  Would you consider yourself a Health Lifestyle Advocate?

I never thought of it like that but when you put it that way, Yes! (LOL). I want people to be well. I find myself on the train overhearing people talk about a health issue and I end up giving advice. “I don’t mean to eaves drop but I overheard your conversation…” and then I’d offer up some advice. Not all the time though, it’s rare because I know it’s none of  my business. But I just want to help.

Do you meditate?

Yes, it calms my mind. I don’t dismiss my thoughts. I think and analyze my thoughts and then I begin to clear my mind.  It feels so good and relaxing.  I come out feeling at peace.

How much of a convenience is it to you and your clients to provide your services in a home/office environment?

It’s extremely convenient. I always wanted a job where I could roll out of bed and it's right there! (LOL).  I honestly love that I could do my quick meditation, prepare my mind and body to do my job. That’s very important to me. Clients benefit from this because I’m able to have all my tools to use during the massage that I can’t bring with me to other locations.  At my discretionary, I’m also able to go over the massage sessions time a bit (about 10 or 15 mins) without charging more. Conversations could be a little longer with me explaining certain things to my clients--what they can do to improve the areas I worked on.

Your hands are your livelihood.  How do you take care of yourself?

I get massages. I stretch and do self-massages as well.  Heating pads and hot baths.


What is your ultimate goal in the near future?

I plan on having a franchise.

What advise would you give someone seeking to be a massage therapist?  What traits does one need to have in order to succeed in this business?

Honestly, Passion is key. We have what we call burn out in the massage community. I had a therapist tell me she gives me only 1 year in this business because she saw me giving my all. She isn’t wrong, we should be careful and practice the right body mechanics while we work. But I found that with my passion and this being my calling I just haven’t burned out yet. I’ve given more now than I did when I first started! Passion is key.  Advertising and definitely word of mouth to put yourself out there.

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