Kiara Imani Thomas:

On A Mission To Motivate And 

Spread The Message Of Self Acceptance

and Being The Best Lovable "You"

Kiara's Journey Bio 


New York City native Kiara Thomas was born to be an entertainer. Capturing the attention and hearts of many, Kiara made her first on camera appearance at the age of seven, where she appeared in the music video opening for the 13th season of Oprah Winfrey’s talk show “Run On” in 1998. This pivotal moment solidified Kiara’s everlasting passion for on camera work. 


Kiara went on to study theatre at the Boston Arts Academy where she starred in numerous productions such as Blues for Mr. Charlie, Lysistrata and many more dynamic plays that broadened her artistic knowledge in performing, stage production and even film work. Upon graduation, Kiara returned to New York City to attend Pace University in Downtown Manhattan where she channeled her creative energy into the Pace Activity and Campus Entertainment Board.

During her senior year, Kiara was elected President and facilitated Pace's massive homecoming Concert featuring rapper 2Chainz as well as hip-hop icon Kanye West. While being a full-time student and constantly seeking to expand her professional training, Kiara studied voice acting with Joan Baker and Patrick Fraley and received her first voice-acting placement with the US Navy. 


Since graduation; driven by passion, determination, focus and positivity, Kiara has taken her talents to LA to embark on a new journey inspiring and motivating others to act on their intention. "Be the light in the dark" is a mantra that Kiara lives by and wants to continue to spread across the world. She's a moving and working force of positive energy and through the arts and entertainment, she hopes to pay it forward to those who come after her.


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