10 Sentences that  should 

never  be said in bed

Sometimes saying the wrong thing can wreck that special intimate moment

and maybe the relationship.  

Just to help you out a little bit, here are a few

phrase you may think of not saying while in the heat of passion and after while cuddling.

1. "Have you put on a little weight?"  

Do I have to explain this one?

2.  "My old boyfriend/girlfriend does it this way".

Please no stories about other lovers or the same move performed in other places.

3. "What's that smell?"

This will just about kill the mood.

4. "Hold up, I have to check my Facebook".

Turn off all electronics/distractions.

5. "Oooh Cindy"

Well, it would be great time had by all...but her name is Marla!

6.  'Oooh Paul"

"C'mon girl, his name is Thomas! Or pray he didn't hear you.

7."That will be $500".

Just make damn sure the pick-up from the bar is not a professional you know what.

8.  "I can't feel you. Are you in"?

A sentence like this might just deflate the entire situation

9.  "Are you done yet?"

Well, no one wants to feel like they are on the clock so you can get back to their social media.

10.  "I've had better"

You're playing with dynamite here.  Get ready to put on your protective helmet!

Yes guys and gals allow some sensitivity to come into play when you're in the throes of passion and basking in the after glow of one darn good love session.  You may say "I have no control over what I might say when I'm at my most vulnerable." That may be true...Well, put it this way, uttering the wrong words during a lovers' rendezvous could end up costing you 3 months of begging, apologizing, a very expensive gift or the house!


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