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By Phenomgirl  /  March 13, 2018

With a famous last name, Cedalla Marley refuses to sit on her laurels.  This busy lady wears many hats. She's a mother, author, musician, fashion designer, entrepreneur and philanthropist.  Cedella just recently added another title to her repertoire, Global Ambassador for the Jamaica Women’s National football team ‘Reggae Girlz’.  But it's her passion for food that takes center stage at the moment.  Her book, Cooking with Herb: 75 Recipes for the Marley Natural Lifestyle by Cedella Marley (Avery Books, Penguin Random House) lists mouthwatering dishes infused with cannabis. The book is chunk-filled with colorful visuals of  plated food prepared with natural and healthy ingredients.  Cooking with Herb serves up gems of recipes for herb enthusiasts who would like to extend marijuana to their daily meals. In addition, Cedellla lays out to readers how adding cannabis  to their cooking and self care regimen can contribute to a more clean, green and healthy lifestyle.

Cedella graciously took the time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions about her cooking book, her forthcoming children's book and son Skip.

Growing up, how much of an influence did herb have within the Marley household?

My Dad viewed the herb as something spiritual that could awaken our well-being, deepen our reflection, connect us to nature and liberate our creativity. There were times when he would just meditate and write his music. He believed it inspired him.

What were you and your siblings told about cannabis by Mom/Dad?

For our parents, smoking was a sacred ritual that allowed them to embrace the spiritual power of herb. We were raised to respect the benefits of herb and never to over indulge in anything life has to offer.


What’s the inspiration for writing the book “Cooking with Herb”?

Herb has always been a central part of our culture. I'm very inspired by the many ways you can use herb, and I love to cook!  So I wanted to combine my two passions and reveal in a unique way how cooking with herb can deliver delicious cuisines.

Do you have a favorite dish from the book?

Each recipe means something special to me and my family so it is hard to pick a favorite. My Dad loved the Ital Stew. I can drink our signature green juice daily. My Smoked Gouda Callaloo Dumplings are fun to cook and my children love them.


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How can cooking with herb enhance your lifestyle?

My cookbook features a range of ways cannabis can be integrated into your lifestyle, you can infuse herb with your morning green juice and still go for a hike 

or run, you can pair with wine for a dinner party, you can use herb to calm achy muscles. 

You have become an accomplished author.  Will you write another cook book?  Are there any other topics you are considering writing about in the near future?

I am always in the kitchen coming up with new recipes so I definitely may write another cookbook. 

I am also releasing my third children’s book this year. The book is called Get Up Stand Up and it has a timely message for children: to counter injustice, and lift others up with kindness and courage. It is a testament to the power we all have to make a difference. This is so important for our youth. It will be on sale this September.

What’s your beauty regime? 

Our body is a vessel; what we put in it is what we get out of it. I have an outer and inner glow that I attribute to healthy eating and vitamins. I try to eat foods that will nourish my mind, body, and soul.


Cannabis has become more or less accepted medically and recreationally by society.  In a few states herb is legally purchased.  What are your feelings about this?  And what do you think your dad would say about it?

My Dad and his music have been integral to the cannabis movement for decades.  He called cannabis “the herb” and believed it could have a positive, peaceful cultural effect.  In many ways my Dad helped start this movement 50 years ago. He would be so happy to see people understanding the power of the herb.

Your son, Skip Marley has embarked on a music career. Did you initially have any reservations? What’s the best advise you’ve given him?

To see Skip find his own voice is really nice to see as his mom. I’ve always told him, keep true to yourself and don't be afraid to take risks musically. 

How did it come about you being the Global Ambassador for the Reggae Girlz?

I initially learned about the team and their dire need for support 5 years ago from my son's soccer coach. Prior to that I, like most of the world apparently, wasn't aware that we had a national women's team. I made some inquiries and then met with the late Capt. Horace Burrell, then the president of the Jamaica 

Football Federation to discuss how I might be of assistance. He had the idea to make me the Global Ambassador

What’s next for the team? 

Right now, thanks in large part to the support of the Alacran Foundation (out of the UK) the Reggae Girlz are in training camp getting prepared for their debut at FIFA Women's world cup in June. They have upcoming exhibition matches against Scotland and Panama scheduled as part of their world cup preparations.

Will you be in the stands cheering the ladies on to victory?

Yes - I can’t wait to cheer them on!

All Photos by Aubrie Pick

Book: Cooking with Herb: 75 Recipes for the Marley Natural Lifestyle 

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