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The Sweet Taste Of Success

Nailah Ellis Brown

In the 1940’s, Cyril Byron immigrated from Jamaica and entered the U.S. through Ellis Island. A former head chef on the Black Star Line, a shipping line started by Marcus Garvey, Byron took with him a recipe for herbal tea. 
Nailah Ellis Brown, Cyril’s great granddaughter tweaked that recipe and now operates a successful business distributing Ellis Island Tea to major retailers across the country.

The Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneur forgo a business degree from Howard University, started the business while living in her mother’s basement and sold the special hibiscus tea from the trunk of her car. In addition, she secured an investment of $150,000 from a silent partner which helped to expand her dream. Ellis Island Tea became a hit because of it’s one of a kind mixture of hibiscus, rose hips, and peppermint leaves, giving it a red color and a smoother, fruitier taste.

Nailah's advice, “Don’t accept no as an answer from any person who does not have the authority to say yes. I was given that advice as an adolescent and I use it quite often. That advice has opened many closed doors for me.”



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