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Triumphing Over Pain

Egypt Ifi Ufele

Egypt Ify Ufele.  Born May 3, 2005.

In 2017, Egypt Ify Ufele  to my consciousness after being featured in a Ford Explorer commercial.
Diagnosed with critical asthmatic and being treated with steroids which affected her weight; Ify was the subject of bullying, and called chubby in school. At the age of 10 in response to the teasing she endured, Bully Chasers was created, a charity to help others dealing with being bullied.

Ufele learned how to sew from her grandmother. She then started to design dresses for her dolls. Egypt realized a lack of fashionable clothing for plus size folks, including herself and created her fashion brand, ChubiiLine, geared towards people of all sizes and featuring African prints. 
In 2016, Ufele became the youngest designer to showcase her ChubiiLine at Small Boutique Fashion Week during NYFW and has since then reportedly secured manufacturing deals for her line.

The future is bright for this very young lady. She turned a negative into a positive. Now she continues to inspire others to rise above and conquer adversaries.



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