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Cooling In The Shade

Angelica Nwandu

Due to domestic violence, Angelica Nwandu’s mother was killed by her father. Angelica was just 6 years old at the time. The tragic incident landed Angelica into the foster care system.

Consumed with anger, pain, confusion and unable to comprehend what had transpired in her young life, Angelica acted out by getting into trouble and fights. Luckily, Nwandu joined a poetry program offered by Peace for Kids, a program that helps foster youth find creative outlets to let their anger out. Writing became her outlet.

After a full scholarship to Loyola Marymount University, and an Accountant degree in tow, the young entrepreneur found employment with a Senior Accountant. While employed at a job she hated, Angelica got the opportunity to ignite her first love—writing. A collaboration on a screenplay which mirrored her life of domestic violence opened the door for Angelica to be chosen to participate in the Sundance Institute Screenwriters Lab at the age of 23.

The Forbes' 30 Under 30 list social media maven, had to make a decision. Quit a job she hated or follow her dreams of writing. She chosed the latter. Researching on how to rewrite screenplays led Angelica to view countless celebrity blogs. An idea clicked and The Shade Room was formed, a publication that covers trending stories, politics and celebrities from the point of view of people of color.

With millions of followers across social media platforms, Nwandu hopes to expand her digital empire. Angelica’s story is proof of what can happen when you believe in yourself.



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