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Nadja Giramata

The Hutu tribe in Rwanda instigated a genocide war against the Tutsi tribe. During this100-day period of bloodshed in 1994, an estimated 500,000 to 1,000,000 Rwandans were killed, displaced and became refugees. Gang rapes and sexual mutilation of women, grandmothers and very young children were used as a weapon of war. Rapes and mutilation happened in front of family members. The rapes were also deliberate acts of infecting the women with HIV/AIDS.

About Nadja Giramata:
* Born in Rwanda. .
* Speaks 6 languages: French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English and her native language.
* Orphaned at three years old. Her family fled to France when she 
was five years old to escape the genocide in Rwanda.
* Her brother, grandmother and cousins were murdered.
* Her mother was killed when soldiers barricaded hundreds of people in a cathedral and threw in grenades.

* Reunited with her sister at a cholera-ridden refugee camp. They drank the polluted water from the lake to surviv
* Moved to Manchester, England to study English Literature and ultimately got discovered.

Today, Nadja is a successful international model/catwalker. The atrocities she experienced at such a young age probably plays over in her mind. But she’s determined to continue to live and pursue her dreams and aspirations.
It just proves that there is life left to live. Forgiveness on the other hand can be an extremely difficult task to accomplish. Carrying around hate in your heart leaves you in a crippling state. It’s when we start to forgive, then the healing begins.

Nadja Giramata quote about forgiveness:
“I’ve learned that healing and forgiveness is an everyday challenge. It’s not only a one-time decision — every time I think about the people who killed my loved ones, I have to remind myself to forgive them in order for myself to heal.”



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