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Zandra Cunningham

Zandra Cunningham started her natural skin care company at the tender age of 9 yrs.  How did this all started?  Zandra asked her dad, James, for funds to buy lip balm.  Dad said, "no," then uttered those magic words, "go make your own." Zandra took the words literally and founded her company, Zandra Beauty with help from her mom, Tamara. 

Having no experience as  entrepreneurs, mom and daughter had to learn how to create formulas and ingredients for making lip balms in their own family kitchen.

Now, at the age of 18, Zandra is the CEO of Zandra Beauty based out of Buffalo, New York.  The online company has an assortment of products which include balms for lips, cuticles, knees, and elbows.  In addition, the beauty line offers  aluminum-free and paraben-free deodorant, lotions and body washes. Recently a new skin/face natural line was launched.


Zandra Cunningham's quote:

" I believe that young ladies should be confident in their own skin and learn what beauty is from the inside out."



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