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Moana Luu

⭐Chief content & creative officer at Essence, Moana Luu has an impressive background. At the end of 2018, Luu was handed the leading role of overseeing all editorial and creative content across all Essence media platforms, including the magazine, website, social media, apps, experiential, video and film/television.

⭐Born and raised in the French speakng Caribbean island of Martinique, Moana took the route of building her creative and media portfolio oversees.  Starting in Asia, she went on to Paris, France and Africa. Moana has created and launched TV channels, television programs, web applications, websites and magazines used by millions.

⭐Before the jump to Essence, Luu was chief creative and brand officer for Trace Media Group, located in Africa For 11 years, she ran the Moana Luu  Creative Lab, which she founded and served as CEO.

⭐A creative leader, an interior designer, TV Host, producer and philanthropist, Luu is based in New York where she has been ranked among the most influential women in Martinique.

Moana Luu's quote:

"Education is key."



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