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Coco & Breezy

Meet twins, Corianna Dotson a.k.a Coco and Brianna Dotson a.k.a Breezy. Their eyewear line are all the rage.


The sisters turned their dream into a successful reality. Making sacrifices was part of their journey to reach the goals and success they had envisioned.


With no college degrees between both ladies, they taught themselves the business of manufacturing, bought a mentor on board for structure and guidance.  Armed themselves with their god-given talent of creativity, skills, and passion and created a company in 2009 at 19 years old.

Although there were some rough patches along the way, they've learned from the many mistakes that usually plaque a fledgling company.  


With a slew of eyewear companies in the ever crowded market, Coco and Breezy funky designs seemed to have found that very important niche group of consumers which includes a host of entertainers donning their popular sunglasses.  


They continue to improve and expand their business throughout the U.S. and abroad.  

Their success is attributed to relentlessness, perseverance and strong work ethics.  




Here are a few facts about 

Coco & Breezy



Style of their eyewear line: Futuristic-inspired, Cutting-Edge, Avant-Garde, Eclectic.

Biggest inspiration:  

Their Parents. Father,  African American and Mother, Puerto Rican.

Growing up in the suburbs of Apple Valley, Minnesota, the  sisters introverted personalities were met with teasing and being picked on for the way they dressed and talked. They wore sunglasses as their "saving grace", a wall of protection which built their confidence. The bullying had spread online--the sisters were known as the "Myspace twins" with 30,000 friends.

Breezy creates the designs of the glasses. Coco created the e-commerce structure for online purchase.

A series of strokes sidelined their father from work which prompted  the sisters to obtain three part-time jobs each. They doubled their high school courses, 

graduated early then bounded for New York after turning  down the chance to attend the Art Institute of Chicago at age 17.

Coco and Breezy’s sunglasses was first noticed when artist Ashanti wore them to the Hip Hop Honor Awards in 2009.

Some of the companies the sisters collaborated with to createdesigns: 

Adidas, Transitions Optical, Hershey’s Twizzlers & Jolly Rancher, and Foot Locker.

At the request of the late artist Prince. Coco and Breezy designed the 'third-eye' glasses worn by the musical icon on Saturday Night Live.

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