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A YOUNG mum who had a double mastectomy age 26 now poses topless to celebrate her survival and new breasts, scars and all.


Domonique Mitchell, from Detroit, was familiar with breast cancer: her grandmother had died of it just there weeks after diagnosis and she’d got a tattoo on her waist to remember her. But at just 26-years-old, while breastfeeding her baby daughter, Dom was shocked to be diagnosed with the same cancer herself. While breast cancer is now the most common cancer in women worldwide – one in eight women will get it in their lifetime.


The odds of getting breast cancer in your 20's is a lot more uncommon – so rare in fact there are few statistics for this age range. Dom had to give up her studies and much of her childcare duties in a bid to beat the cancer. She succeeded and decided to have a double mastectomy alongside her cancer treatment. Foregoing the nipple tattoos to make her breasts look ‘normal’, she told Barcroft TV: “I’m never gonna be normal again, you know normal as far as my breasts.” 


Dom instead posed topless to celebrate her breast cancer battle scars. To follow her story, click here:



Video from Barcroft TV

Videographer/Director: Adam Gray

Producer: Nathalie Bonney, Ruby Coote

Editor: Beth Angus