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Saving Lives

Naomi Wadler

Naomi Wadler became a household name after videos of her standing at the podium of the "March for Our Lives" protest in Washington, DC in March of 2018 went viral.  She was just 11 years old at the time.  Although tiny in stature and soft spoken, Naomi's passionate speech regarding gun violence against black and brown young girls and women and the importance of gun reform was heard loud and clear across the nation.

Since then, the Alexandria, Virginia resident popularity as an activist has skyrocketed.  She has appeared in numerous  print and media interviews, participated  in other human rights marches and snagged invitations to speaking engagements at women's organizations.
Being of Ethiopian and Jewish heritages, Wadler has experienced racism from classmates.  She expresses that while playing a game with a classmate, he told her she should be the slave or beggar woman because she is black. The same classmate said she could not also be Jewish because “there aren’t black people who are Jews.”

Before the 2018 mid-term elections, the fifth grader showed her loyalty to the importance of voting by cutting off her big curly coils to a shaved head. Interestingly, Naomi became a hashtag and a meme shared around the world; but she’s not on social media.  On her website, you can sign up for newsletters and get news about Naomi.
We hope to hear and see more of this determined young lady in the future.

Naomi's Future Aspirations:
To be the  first Black Executive President of the New York Times or a photographer.  Another is to vote in every election possible.


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